Best Price and Product Requests

The products on our website are chosen because we love them and recommend them. However, we know not everyone has the exact same preferences as us. We can get products in especially for you. If one of our suppliers sells it, we can get it. 
All pricing on our website is negotiable for both products and services. 
As small business owners, we understand it can be expensive raising dogs and sometimes you want to be able to give your pup more than your current finances allow for. 
We don't want you to put off training your dog or buying them what they need because you can't afford it. 
Puppy Pastimes is here to help!
Fill out our "Best Price Request" below.
For products: include a link to the best price you have found online and we will send you our best price. 
We can send either Bundle Pricing or Itemised Pricing.
Bundle Pricing will be one price to buy all items and will usually be cheapest. Bundled pricing will have a set shipping rate. Use this option if you're pretty sure you will buy all of the items.
Itemised pricing will have a price per item and only a shipping estimate. Final shipping will be determined based on the items you choose to purchase. Choose this option if you're only researching or are unsure if you will buy all items or not - you can always request a bundled price when you have made a decision. 
For services: you tell us what you want to pay and we will either send through a booking voucher or a counter offer.