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Jaegr Slip Collar

Jaegr Slip Collar

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There are two fabric loops, the larger of the two loops is slipped over the dogs head with ease (if you feel tension when doing so, the collar is too small!)  You clip the lead to the smaller looped D ring, add tension to the collar and this will pull the collar tight.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose - Perfect for any use; adventures, walks, fashion, sporting and more.
  • Soft - Lined with neoprene for comfort.
  • Odourless - Neoprene coated to help eliminate odour
  • Strong - Made to the highest quality to withstand strong dogs and force.
  • Rust proof - Metal is stainless steel so perfect for longevity 
  • Reflective - Two strips for visibility


  • Neoprene Coating
  • Nylon
  • Foam


Handwash only.

Salt water can rust stainless steel, so if exposed please rinse with fresh water & dry

Sizing & Fit

Suitable for any breed size, type and age. 

Please note: You MUST take your dogs head size into consideration before choosing a size as this collar slips over the head. For a larger head, the next size up may be suitable. Please use the below guide to work out if the smallest size will fit over the dogs head.

Small: 10.5"-12.2"  / 27-31cm Head

Medium: 12.6"-16.16" / 32-41cm Head

Large: 16.5"-19.3" / 42-49cm Head

XL: 19.7"-22.8" / 50-58cm Head



We do not carry much stock. We place an order monthly from March to September based on paid pre-orders. 

  • Orders will be placed in March, April, May, June, July, August, September.
  • Cut off date for orders is the 28th prior to the order month.
  • Puppy Pastimes will order from Jaegr on the 1st of the order month. 

You will be required to pay upfront. This amount, minus 5% admin fee, is refundable up until the order is placed with Jaegr. 

If you cancel your pre-order after it has been placed with Jaegr, only 50% of the purchase price plus shipping is refundable. 

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