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Jaegr Supreme Coat

Jaegr Supreme Coat

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The Jaegr Supreme Dog Coat is perfect for any adventure, in any condition.

The coat has been crafted with the finest materials, to keep dogs warm and perfectly dry due to a three layer design: outer and Inner layer is waterproof and easy to wipe clean, the middle layer is a warm fleece to maintain warmth.  

Key Features

  • This coat is perfect for cold/wet conditions.
  • A high neck will keep the neck warm and an adjustable snood can be pulled over the ears for extra protection and comfort, and will fit your dog perfectly due to the adjustable toggle.
  • Well placed collar and harness holes.
  • Fits 99% of breeds due to being fully adjustable coat through 'toggles' that will tighten or loosen to the structure/size of the dog.

Jaegr Supreme & Overcoat - Measuring Guide

Using the diagram below, there are 3 main dimensions;

Back - This is from the withers to the base of the tail 

Chest - This is the widest circumference of the chest area

Neck - Standard neck circumference, however, when measuring the neck, if the dimension is close to the maximum size (see below), please measure the head to ensure the coat will fit over.

Size Back Length

Neck size


Example Breeds
3 28-34 cm 39 cm Shitpoo
3L 34-39 cm 39 cm Terriers
4 39-44 cm 44 cm Spaniel
4L 44-49 cm 44 cm Whippets
5 49-54 cm 52 cm Border Collie
5L 54-59 cm 52 cm Retrievers
6 59-64 cm 65 cm Mastiff


More sizing and fit information


We do not carry much stock. We place an order monthly from March to September based on paid pre-orders. 

  • Orders will be placed in March, April, May, June, July, August, September.
  • Cut off date for orders is the 28th prior to the order month.
  • Puppy Pastimes will order from Jaegr on the 1st of the order month. 

You will be required to pay upfront. This amount, minus 5% admin fee, is refundable up until the order is placed with Jaegr. 

If you cancel your pre-order after it has been placed with Jaegr, only 50% of the purchase price plus shipping is refundable. 

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