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Holee Roller with Bungee Handle & Mop

Holee Roller with Bungee Handle & Mop

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Firm contact cushioning dog toy with mop material and JW hol-ee roller size S ball and padded handle. These are some of the most popular and versatile toys we make. Dogs absolutely love these balls because they are soft, easy to squeeze, don't restrict breathing and are extremely durable for pulling.

  • Fits into the pocket of a jacket, vest or training skirt;
  • Mop material is easy to maintain. It is pleasant to the dog's mouth and does not feed;
  • In a state of rest, the toy is 75cm long, and stretched 100cm long;
  • The handle cushions ~25cm, the length of the "mop" material is 13cm, the diameter of the ball is 8cm.

We recommend drying after playing.
It can be washed at a temperature of up to 30 degrees.

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