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Out-n-out Cookie Squid

Out-n-out Cookie Squid

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Long Handle

Treat dispensing toy in Softshell. Teach the dog how to open it. Add a long handle to play chasing games. The perfect toy for the treat driven and the dog that needs to be encourage to tug. Also fun without any treats in it. Treat Belt inside to fasten the treat when you want to play a lot and the dog tugs more.

Made in Sweden.

Colours supplied at random. You can email a request and we will do our best to fulfill. 

How to train with my Cookie Squid®

1. Learn the dog to open and eat.

Open it up in the beginning and let the dog take the treat. Close it more and more so the dog has to put more and more effort into opening it. 

2. Throw the toy and make the dog open and eat.

Throw it just a little bit and see if the dog can run and open and eat. 

3. Shake the toy, let go when the dog bites, Be active in the game.

4. Extend play and encourage the dog to tug more.

5. Attach a long handle to creat fun chase games.

6. Use the ”treat belt” if/when needed.  


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