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Out-n-out Warmwool

Out-n-out Warmwool

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Layer 2 for colder days.

Warmwool is a warmer single-layer Jacket for colder days. It is designed to be used on its own or fit as a layer 2, on top of Layer 1 jackets (buy the same size). Perfect to throw over a Power stretch or Woolspeed when it's time to put the dog in the car or when the temperature drops. The fabric is roughened to create a dense outer surface and an extra layer of air against the body. Details in Power stretch enable the best possible movements. Straps for legs are included. The size indicates the measurement from withers to tail. Made in Sweden.

Material: Roughened sports mix of 75% Wool 25% PL (Made in Italy)

Can be washed in Machine (Wool Wash) 30 degrees.

The Jacket comes in blue or black.


      Measure from the Withers to the Tail.

      Round up eg 43cm is coat size 45.


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